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Delaware Life Coach | It is Well Coaching

About It Is Well

We are driven by the joy we feel when someone reaches for and meet their goals — it’s both refreshing and illuminating!

Mission Statement

It is Well inspires, empowers, and nurtures our clients to succeed in total transformation. By instilling confidence, strength, and the tools they need to transform, they become the best version of themselves. We believe that with the right support, accountability, and the grace of God, desires turn into reality… and they will be truly yours — for keeps! It is only then they can say, “It is Well!”

My Story

How I Got Started as a Delaware Life Coach

I have been there, too. I was a mom who worked a full time job and part time selling Avon, had a son, maintained a household and by the grace of God somehow held it all together. But, I lost touch with myself because I was so consumed with making every day a great day in my home. The problem was I was exhausted, drained, depleted, and always felt like I never had a moment for myself. I put the little bit of makeup I wore on in the car and was always in a constant struggle with myself because there was never time to take for me.

I felt so stuck, and so very frustrated… something had to change. Things had to change. I was so stressed out and my stress levels were affecting my weight, messing up my moods, my sleep, the way I looked, and the way I felt, my relationships — everything. Things were a mess but I still trudged through every single day making the best of it! All these challenges I have faced and grown through were negatively affecting my heart — I knew I needed change desperately. I have been where you are. It’s not fun. It makes you cry. It’s tough stuff. But we as women are expected to just keep going.

First, I decided losing weight would lift some of the burden— it did but only 12 pounds down. Not enough! Of course my life was full of never enough! And it hurts a lot. But like my mom always said, you just have to grin and bear it! So I did for a while longer until I just could not do it anymore. I lost another 9 pounds and felt a bit better. But I never incorporated taking time for self care. I prayed and faithfully God always answered. He gave me the strength to keep on going.

But I wasn’t really happy. I laughed on the outside but I was not happy on the inside. Years passed and when my son left home to go to college I felt crushed…  the one who needed me didn’t need me anymore! He had wings and he was soaring off to college, got his masters, and continued to flourish, (and I am so proud of him!!) but I was a mom still with no one to be a mom to.

The girls from the classes I taught have all supported, encouraged, and cheered each other on in every aspect of our lives as we share our joys and struggles and sorrows too. They are my girls!!! And if you were one of them over the years you know what a JOY and great blessing you were, are, and always will be to me —for eternity! We have a special bond.

Having that blessing in my life and so many precious friends personally is what brought me through some very tough times… My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and the walk through that was more than I could take emotionally but I felt the presence of God carrying me through. She was my best friend in my life and I am who I am because of that woman!

I continued to slowly lose weigh,t dropping a few pounds here and there until I decided I had it with sugar. It was killing me. And I realized I was not going to let it ! So many things changed for me when I drastically reduced sugar from my diet:

  • my weight
  • my moods
  • my sleep
  • he way I felt
  • my relationships
  • my stress all settled down tremendously to my now very comfortable self!

After deciding to become a health and life coach, I know possess the heart and knowledge of really knowing what my life purpose was all along. God opened the way for me after I was at my wits end, going nowhere fast.

So if this resonates with you, my desire is to help you get to the place where you truly want to be (faster than it did for me.) I can assure you that we will find the right solutions that will work for you: sustainable and fun with sensible eating habits, easing into exercise until you love it (oh and you will!! Trust me!! ), relief from stress, planned self care, and finding a deeper sense of connection with others, having more energy to do the things that really bless you and put you in charge of your own health in a way you never have before, so you can love your life again! And your heart and soul will thank you!

Schedule your complimentary consultation with me today if you are really ready and I will walk with you through this!

Love, Cindy